Our activities include the following sets

Production of structural parts

Sirius Maribor d.o.o. produces steel structures made from sheet metal, drawn or rolled materials. Transportation options are limited, thus structures for transportation can weigh up to 10 tons a piece. Composition and welding are fully performed by us, as well as final corrosion protection. Mechanical processing is partly done by outsourcing business partners. Materials are joined by the MAG or TIG welding process, rarely by electric arc welding. We obtain ISO 9001 quality certificate and a certificate EN 1090.

Mechanical engineering

Complete production of functional sets for machines is either done by us or together with our business partners that have a wider range of machines for mechanical processing. Final assembly of machined components, as well as composition to a functional whole is done in our production facilities.

Final assembly

We perform final assembly of produced elements and equipment. This includes assembly of structures, transport machines and process equipment.

about us

The family company with a lot of passion for precision, quality and customer satisfaction. Sirius Maribor d. o. o. (Limited Liability Company) was founded and registered in the District Court of Maribor on October 30 2003. When founded, Sirius Maribor employed 20 workers who produced equipment and technological functional units intended to customers in Austria, as well as in Slovenia (approximately 10 %). The number of employees has risen to 70 due to encouraging work results and increasing demand for our products.

our interesting statistics

Working days

completed projects

Drinked coffee cups

Cutted metal sheets

our references

The company we work with for many years:

domestic companies

B-C d.o.o.
Elektronika Borak d.o.o.
Expo Biro d.o.o.
Iskra Impuls d.o.o.
Jekon d.o.o.
Knez d.o.o.
Lestro Ledinek d.o.o.
Metalna SRM d.o.o.
Metal-PKS d.o.o.
MP Ptuj d.o.o.
Primat d.d.
Savatech d.o.o.
Seltron d.o.o.
SMM Proizvodni sistemi d.o.o.
Talum d.d.
TPV d.d.
Tren d.o.o.
Trgofort d.o.o.
Vamar d.o.o.

foreign companies

Ammann Group
BDI – Bioenergy International AG
BT Wolfgang Binder GmbH
DS Automotion GmbH
F-Tech GmbH
IMR Fabrikautomation GmbH
Niedermair & Frey GmbH
Plasmait GmbH
Rollo – Franz Teufel GmbH
Sandvik Group
SFL Technologies GmbH
SH Engineering
Techcon GmbH
Umdasch Shopfitting GmbH

Gallery of our products

our knowledge

Our knowledge is always updated and expanded, and so we try to provide the highest quality of its services.

laser cutting of sheet metal 95%
bending metal 96%
CNC machining 90%
Cutting sheet metal 88%
Consultancy and Implementation 95%
preparation of documentation 85%

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